Natural anti-anxiety, brings sense of calming euphoria, spiritual enlightenment.

AIR - Inspiration, Wisdom Governs Intellect, Divination, Perception            EARTH - Stability, Security Governs Money, Nourishment, Growth
FIRE - Change, Passion Governs Transformation, Strength, Will Power      WATER  - Emotions Governs Compassion, Healing, Dreams     

Palo Santo Smokeless Smudge $9  4 oz bpa free bottle:

Brings in positive energy after negative energy is driven out. 

Cleanses, purifies, drives out negative energy.  Create Sacred Space. Use to heal and protect.   

"Surrender, Release & Allow"  Spray on body or in the air to decrease mind chatter, and to increase your experience with the rods, or anytime you wish to enhance your meditation, healing, channeling, etc. 

Spray as offering of gratitude, smudging or sending healing prayers.

Soothing, calming. Eases headaches, achy muscles. Spray on sunburns, bug bites, itchy skin.

Spray around aura, near chakra or directly on the body to balance, open or activate chakra. Available in Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown. Buy all 7& save $5.  

Elements Spray $5 Each  2 oz bpa free bottle:
Sage Smokeless Smudge $9  4 oz bpa free bottle:

Spray space or directly on the body to balance the element/s in the space or in you.

Chakra Sprays $5 Each 2 oz bpa free bottle:

Soothing, calming effect. Restores, revitalizes mind & body. Apply to wounds to help fight germs. Spray on after sun to help hydrate skin.

  Surrender $5  2 oz bpa free bottle:
Crone $9  4 oz bpa free bottle:
Medicine Wheel Smokeless Smudge $5 2 oz bpa free bottle:

Purify, Cleanse, Calm & Increase Psychic Powers.    Do Not Use If Pregnant or Allergic to Daisy

Lemongrass $9 4 oz bpa free bottle:
Mugwort $5  2 oz bpa free bottle:
Blue Lotus $5  2 oz bpa free bottle:

Cleanses, purifies, removes heavy negative energy.  Create Sacred Space. Connect

with ancestors.  Use to cleanse, heal and protect.  

Vinegar - Safe to use on humans or animals, even cats. Helps deter fleas, ticks, chiggers, mites, spiders and other pests. Use as topical spray on clothes and skin or spray around house.

Mosquito - blend of mugwort lavender, lemon balm & catnip

Information provided are spiritual supports to help with healing and are not intended to replace medical advice or treatment.

Use in ceremony, calling in the energies of the Crone Mother for healing, transformation, clarity, discernment &

regeneration.  Use to cleanse your energy field before ceremony, to spray your sacred space before, during &

after ceremony, clearing away all that is no longer needed.

Bug Sprays  4 oz bpa free bottle:
Vinegar of 4 Thieves $8
Mosquito $6
Sweetgrass Smokeless Smudge $9  4 oz bpa free bottle:
Lavender $9 4 oz bpa free bottle:
The sprays are made from organic or wild harvested flowers & herbs that have been lovingly tinctured. The gentle fragrance carries the vibration of the plant, along with the energy & intention of its use for the highest good in each spray. (Shipping is available. Please contact us to order sprays listed or custom or any questions.)