Morrell Healing Energies

Organic Blue Lotus $5  2 oz bpa free bottle

For use in ceremony, calling in the energies of the Crone Mother for healing & transformation, clarity, discernment and regeneration.  Use also for cleansing your energy field before ceremony, to spray your sacred space before, during and after ceremony, cleansing away all that is no longer needed.

Essential oil blend - spray into toilet before you go to trap odors. Can also be used to cleanse negative energy.    

The sprays are made from flowers and herbs that I lovingly tinctured. The fragrance is not always strong, but they carry the vibration of the plant, also the energy & intention I infuse into each one. Shipping available.

 Natural anti-anxiety, brings sense of calming euphoria, spiritual enlightenment.

Cut The Crap Bathroom Spray $10  4 oz bpa free bottle

Spray around aura, near chakra or directly on the body to balance, open or activate chakra. Available in Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown. Buy set of all 7 and save $5.  

Chakra Sprays $5 Each 2 oz bpa free bottle
Elements Spray $5 Each  2 oz bpa free bottle
Crone $9  4 oz bpa free bottle

Spray area or directly on the body to balance the element/s in the space or in you.

AIR - Inspiration, Wisdom Governs Intellect, Divination, Perception
EARTH - Stability, Security Governs Money, Nourishment, Growth
FIRE - Change, Passion Governs Transformation, Strength, Will Power
WATER  - Emotions Governs Compassion, Healing, Dreams