Color Light Therapy

Flower Remedies


Andy Morrell is a Licensed Massage Therapists, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, who intuitively combines healing modalities to provide you with an amazing healing and stress reducing session custom designed for you and your specific needs. Bonnie, a Certified Crystal Therapist and Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, adds the powerful healing energy of crystals to your treatment. Bonnie has also studied with several teachers to learn about herbs and is certified in artisan incense making and also makes sprays,

Herbal Sprays 

The sprays are made from flowers and herbs that have been lovingly tinctured. The gentle fragrance carries the vibration of the plant, along with the energy & intention of its use for the highest good in each spray.


Flower remedies are nature's way to gently and effectively heal our emotional maladies to help heal the physical body. The healing energy of plants are custom blended to create a remedy just for you.

Color & light is used to balance energy in a physical, emotional and mental capacity.  Color Therapy helps to balance and enhance your chakras and help stimulate your body's own healing process in a relaxing atmosphere.