Incense cones are sold in bags of 6 cones for $5. Want to try different scents: order individual cones at $1 each.

Email us at with your selections and zip code for shipping information. Spend $40 and receive free shipping in the continental United States.

Incense is plant medicine that fills the air; the original aromatic medicine. It is the traditional roots of modern aromatherapy, and gave rise to all other aromatic arts. Aromatic plant medicine in the form of incense has been used for centuries to break through lower vibrational energies to bring balance to the body and emotions, clarity to the mind, and healing to the soul. The smoke produced by different herbs, flowers, woods and resins affect these energies in different ways, cleansing the air and energy, and the fragrance works to energetically and emotionally impact you. No matter its use, incense has real, positive effects on people through healing the psyche & body, balancing emotions, and uplifting the spirits. The mainstream incense market is flooded with chemicals and cheaply made products. We use only the best quality organic or wild harvested, sustainable plant materials to hand make our incense.  All of our incense is made with intention and energy for the highest good of the end user, using specific herbs for each intention. Custom blends available, simply email us with what you are looking for.